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Changing the Course

The Rocket Mortgage Classic is Changing the Course in Detroit. See how we're committed to connecting the community and ending Detroit's digital divide.

Ending Detroit's Digital Divide

The Rocket Mortgage Classic's "Changing the Course" initiative is committed to providing Detroit residents access to the internet, technology and digital literacy training they need to thrive. Through its support for the tournament's primary beneficiary, the Connect 313 Fund, the Rocket Mortgage Classic has helped grow the number of digitally included homes in Detroit from 40% to more than 70% over the last four years.

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Connect 313 Fund

The Connect 313 Fund is a community-driven digital inclusion strategy set up by the Rocket Giving Fund and the city of Detroit and administered by United Way of Southeastern Michigan and is focused on four strategic pillars:

  1. Collecting accurate neighborhood-level data on technology, internet access and digital resources. 

  2. Building and supporting neighborhood technology hubs by investing in trusted community centers to grow technology resources. 

  3. Empowering and financially supporting residents across the city to become digital literacy ambassadors in their respective neighborhoods. 

  4. Coordinating city-wide fundraising and public advocacy for systemic change in digital inclusion.


AREA 313 Challenge

The Rocket Mortgage Classic's AREA 313 Challenge is helping to provide digital access in Detroit. TOUR players will compete to make an eagle, ace, birdie (3-1-3) on holes 14, 15 and 16 on each of the 4 days of tournament play. The first golfer to achieve this feat will win $313,000 in their name toward Rocket Mortgage Classic charities connected to digital access and Detroit’s digital divide. Rocket Mortgage is taking the AREA 313 Challenge a step further - Anytime a player hits a “3” or “1” or “3,” on the respective holes, there will be a direct donation made by Rocket Mortgage.

  • A “3” or eagle on hole 14 will amount to a $2,500 donation

  • A “1” or hole-in-one on hole 15 will amount to a $10,000 donation

  • A “3” or birdie on hole 16 will amount to a $2,500 donation 

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